Project Elea | Volunteering
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Here To Volunteer!

Project Elea would not be able to support the residents of Eleonas without the hard work of our enthusiastic unpaid volunteers. Volunteering with Project Elea provides a unique insight into the refugee crisis, a huge sense of satisfaction and the opportunity to develop a range of personal and professional skills. You will be joining a dynamic team of volunteers from all around the world who have come together to use their skills and experience to work towards a common humanitarian objective.

We welcome enthusiastic and committed volunteers from any background and we will work with you to ensure your skills and experience are utilized to make a difference within the camp. We have welcomed volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds including architects, engineers, civil servants, teachers, economists, lawyers, sports instructors, yoga, dance and theatre teachers, artists, musicians, photographers, medical students and doctors, and construction workers. You can be reassured that your skills will be put to good use in the camp and that you will be provided with support to develop and deliver the activities and services that particularly interest you.

Who Do We Want?

Who do we want?

We are looking for volunteers (18+ years) who will join our team ideally for 3 weeks or longer. Anyone interested in helping us meet our objective of engaging and empowering the community is welcome.

We are especially interested in volunteers with experience in the following positions:

TEFL teacher – Minimum 6 week volunteering placement. Teaching groups of adults ranging from beginner level to advanced.

Yoga teacher – Designing and instructing yoga classes for kids and adults.

Dance teacher – Hip hop, break dance, zumba or any other dance you would like to teach. Groups for kids, teenagers and adults.

Art instructor – Coordinating projects, designing creative learning opportunities for the residents.

Sports instructor – Coaching and training kids, teenager and adults.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please get in touch and let us know the following:


  • arrival & departure dates
  • country of origin
  • spoken languages
  • DOB
  • background & previous experience (no CV required)
  • special skills and hobbies

Is This Right For You?

Volunteering at a refugee camp can of course be physically and psychologically demanding. While the conditions at Eleonas Camp are stable and secure, you will inevitably find yourself listening to heartbreaking stories and handling difficult situations. You will be able to draw on the experience and support of the Project Elea team to help you through these challenging issues and emotions, but please do make sure that you read the Volunteer Manual to ensure you know what to expect when you arrive. And please do get in touch if you have any specific questions.