Recipes Welcome is very special, so much more than a cookbook; it’s a glimmer of light amidst the darkness and trauma of the refugee crisis.
It tells a story of unity, of people coming together, through the medium of delicious food, prepared with care and love.

Martin Labron-Johnson, The Conduit, London.
Michelin Star Chef.

Learn. Cook. Support.

Food is a great unifier; it brings people together and is a source of joy all over the globe. It is also a way to celebrate our differences, learn about other cultures and most importantly enjoy all the culinary world has to offer.

With 36 recipes from 14 countries, each accompanied by words from the contributors, RECIPES WELCOME brings not only the food to life, but also their experiences.

By buying this cookbook, you are supporting Project Elea´s work at Eleonas Refugee Camp to continue developing and nurturing the community we have built together so far.